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    Kelly Aerospace Corporate Offices / Montgomery, AL
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    The Most Advanced Aircraft Deicing and Air Conditioning Systems Available

Kelly Aerospace Power Systems

We provide personalized repair and overhaul service for aircraft carburetors, servos, fuel injection systems, and fuel pumps.

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Certified Repair Station: 9KPR369B

Kelly Aerospace Energy Systems

KAES manufactures FAA/PMA approved aircraft magnetos, ignition leads, harnesses, and replacement parts for general aviation and military customers.

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Phone: (334) 286-8551
Fax: (334) 286-1992

Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems

KATS offers: the All Electric Aircraft Cabin Air Conditioning System, THERMACOOL; Airplane Ice protection, the most advanced Aircraft Deicing System available, THERMAWING; also Wind Turbine Blade Deicing; and Dual Back-up Alternator Kits.

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Call Us Today: (440) 951-4744

500 Hour Inspection & Certification Service - Bendix/CMI Magnetos


Price Lists

2013 KAPS Price List

Current KAPS price catalog contains overhauled component listing for aircraft carburetors, flow dividers, fuel pumps, fuel servos, quick kits, and TCM fuel injection parts.

Price Lists

2013 KAES Price List

KAES price list contains overhauled component listing for aircraft magnetos, ignition harnesses, leads and replacement parts.

Application Charts

Aircraft fuel system application charts. Fuel Pump Quick Kits, Fuel Servos, and Servo Quick Kits.

Test Kit

Aircraft Part FAQ

The following Frequently Asked Questions are typical aircraft part questions received and answers given by our product support team over the years.

Aircraft Test Bench

Service Bulletins

For your convenience Kelly Aerospace provides aircraft Fuel & Filtration service bulletins and information.

AMT Magazine Covers

Technical Articles

Fuel & Filtration - Lear Romec Fuel Pumps, The Marvel Shebler Carburetor, Romec Pump Simplicity, Continuous Flow Fuel Injection, Bendix (Precision) Fuel Servo Troubleshooting, Fuel Injection Nozzles