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Have your lineman pre-cool the cabin for you!

All Electric Aircraft Air Conditioning System. Ground Cooling at the touch of a button for your Cessna 182S, 182T or T-182T. This lightweight A/C system has a 20° temperature drop in just five minutes.

  • FAA/PMA Approved
  • Ground Cooling
  • 20° Temp Drop
  • Optional Dual Alternator
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All The Time.

The KATS oil cooler door cable relocation STC allows adjustment of the oil cooler door from inside the cockpit. The range of the C400/Corvalis allows for a multi-climate flight and that translates to a need for increased monitoring of engine oil temperature. Relocating the cable to inside the cabin allows adjustment of the oil cooler door in flight to maintain proper oil temperature at all times.

Control Relocation STC #SA03150CH


For Pilots & Passengers

The KATS Air Conditioning duct upgrade replaces the original overhead ventilation duct, providing a better 'balanced' air circulation with increased flow of conditioned air directed towards the pilots. The new enlarged 'free-flow' duct is completely sealed eliminating cold air leak losses in the rear of the cabin. Two additional forward facing adjustable vents have been added and the duct is leather wrapped in the original interior color of your aircraft.

A/C DUCT Upgrade FAA/PMA Approved

SPEED MOD: A/C Scoop Removal

Same performance.

The KATS air conditioning scoop removal STC is sure to increase the speed of your aircraft by 3-5 knots through a decrease in aerodynamic drag. Smoother is faster which translates directly into fuel savings without any loss in A/C performance.

A/C Scoop Removal STC #SA03147CH

SPEED MOD: Aerodynamic Improvement... low cost.

The KATS tailpipe modification is an engineered angle-trimming of the tailpipe which increases airspeed 2-3 knots due to improved aerodynamics. This KATS tailpipe mod STC does not require any modification of the existing cowling.

Tailpipe Mod STC #SA03148CH


ThermaWing by Kelly Aerospace, is the most advanced aircraft deicing system available. Instant temperature rise quickly melts ice with no weeping chemical emissions.

"Operationally, it is better than TKS! (by a lot) I think we have the best de-icing option that a little plane can have. My hat's off to the dedicated people at Kelly for all the hard work they've done to bring their system to our airplanes. Steve Demy, Pilot/Owner
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KATS also offers a Propeller Deice Kit that is a complete thermo-electric system that runs exclusively off the aircraft bus with a push of a button. Hot Prop, No Fluids, & No Mess!

  • Deice in under 90 sec.
  • Weight 4.9 lbs.
  • Power 15-17 amp
  • Min 24 volts.
  • STC'd on Cessna/Columbia 350, 400, Cirrus SR20, SR22


Back-up your electrical system with this dual alternator kit.

When flying in IFR weather, unforgiving terrain, or night conditions, pilots immediately understand the importance of having a back-up solution for their electrical power.

The Dual Alternator Kit from Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems offers a completely redundant Back-Up Electrical System in the event of a primary electrical system failure.. No Load Shedding - Full 90amps capacity for additional equipment.

STC Certified for Cessna 182S, 182T or T-182T.

CABIN HEAT ∼ On The Ground... At idle!

The KATS heat exchanger STC provides plenty of heat on the ground... minutes after engine start even in extreme cold conditions. The original C400 cabin heat system uses turbocharger 'bleed air' which is only available at higher power settings while only limited heat is available at idle or long let downs from altitude.

The KATS lightweight InconelĀ® heat exchanger utilizes the existing cabin ducts and heat controls to provide increased warm air flow throughout the cabin creating a comfortable environment for the passengers all the time.

Heat Exchanger STC #SA03151CH


Wind Turbine Ice Protection System (WTIPS)

THERMABLADE (WTIPS) protects wind turbines by deicing the blade's leading edge, pulsing power to safely shed ice, and allows continuous turbine operation during hazardous icing conditions.