Technical Articles

The articles below are provided for historical reference to help when troubleshooting your aircraft's fuel and filtration system.

Lear Romec Fuel Pumps - Pressure to Perform
Magazine: Aircraft Maintenance Technology - September 2003
Author: Randy Knuteson
AD2003-14-03 affect the Fuel Pump in your Lycoming Engine? This article clears up some of the confusion while providing options for the owner/operator. View Full Article

Old Faithful: The Marvel(ous) Schebler Carburetor
Magazine: Aircraft Maintenance Technology - October 2000
Author: Randy Knuteson
This detailed discussion is meant to familiarize both pilots and mechanics with the inner workings of their Marvel Schebler (Precision) Carburetors. Helpful diagrams and cut-away views aid the reader in correctly identifying and understanding the various subsystems and how they relate to each other and to proper engine performance. View Full Article

Lear Romec Pumps (Rock Solid Simplicity with a Few Rough Edges)
Magazine: Aircraft Maintenance Technology - July 2000
Author: Randy Knuteson
Lear Romec Fuel Pumps have served the aviation community since the days Wiley Post and Amelia Earhart. This methodical approach will help to enhance your understanding of the pump's basic operation. Maintenance issues, trouble-shooting procedures, and recent design changes are also reviewed in this article. View Full Article

Continuous Flow Fuel Injection Systems
Magazine: Aircraft Maintenance Technology - November 1998
Author: Randy Knuteson
A thorough study of TCM's "Continuous Flow Fuel Injection Systems." This article describes the general operation of Continental Fuel Injection components while identifying potential problems associated with setting these systems up on the airframe. View Full Article

Piston Engine Troubleshooting
Magazine: Aircraft Maintenance Technology - March 1998
Author: Thomas Ehresman
A brief but inclusive look at some common pitfalls mechanics face when challenged with the daunting task of troubleshooting recip engine problems. This discussion provides a great aid for correctly diagnosing system and component failures. View Full Article

Troubleshooting Bendix (Precision) Fuel Injection Servos
Magazine: Aircraft Maintenance Technology - November 1997
Author: Randy Knuteson
The goal of this article is to provide you with the techniques that will set you apart from the mechanic who takes the "shotgun" approach to troubleshooting. A framework for identifying and correcting Fuel Servo problems is provided with a helpful chart for evaluating problems, identifying their causes and potential remedies. View Full Article

Fuel Injection Nozzles
Magazine: Aircraft Maintenance Technology - April 1997
Author: Randy Knuteson
Whoever thought simple Fuel Injection Nozzles should receive such close scrutiny? The focus of this article is on maintenance, cleaning, testing, and troubleshooting of Injection Nozzles for both the Lycoming and Continental engines. View Full Article