Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are typical of the questions received and answers given at Kelly Aerospace over the years. The answers given are by no means the only or definitive answers but they are designed to lead you in the direction to remedy a given problem.

The goal is to share our experience and to save labor time in troubleshooting. Any actual repair activity must be done in accordance with the appropriate maintenance or service manual from the applicable source. (manufacturer/airframe and/or engine to latest revision).


Q: On take off how much horse power is used by the KITS A/C System when running?

At Max Amp Draw 1.7 horsepower

Q: How does the system change over from ground power to engine power?

System will shut off when ground power is removed. Then is powered automatically when engine is turned on. Pilot does not have to do anything except ensure that the On Switch is in the proper position and his desired temperature is set.

Q: Are there any flight restrictions for my aircraft when this system is installed?

No Flight Restrictions, can be used during taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and landing. Engine RPM's must be above 800 RPM to ensure proper output from the alternator.

Q: Does the "back up alternator" allow me to use my aircraft in a 135 operation?


Q: Is there a time limit to how long I can use the system on the ground?

No Time Limit

Q: Why would I want an this new all electric A/C system over what has been available in the past?

Can be used during any portion of the flight, can cool the cabin on the ground, option to include a back-up alternator system, does not interfere with storage space in the cabin, air is ducted directly to the pilot and passengers, weighs less than current systems, and it installs quicker.

Q: How much does the system weigh?

23 pounds for back-up alternator system and 46.8 pounds for airconditioning. Add both together to get total system weight with alternator.

Q: How do I activate the back up alternator?

Move the Primary Alternator Master Switch to the "OFF" Position and Move the Back-Up Alternator Switch to the "ON" Position. AFM's have a procedure for this

Q: What type of ground power is needed?

GPU must be able to supply power at 28 volts with a minimum 45 amp capability.

Q: Where is the system installed?

Back-Up Alternator Left Front Side of the Engine, Climate Controller on the Right Hand Side of the instrument panel, Air-Conditioning Components are in the Hat Rack and in the Empennage aft of the Hat Rack

Q: Who can install the system?

Any A&P Mechanic with Electrical knowledge, Primarily Cessna Service Centers

Q: How does the weight affect the CG?

The aircraft CG moves approximately 1 inch to the aft.

Q: Is the system incorporated into the G1000?

Independent of the G1000. It is not required that you have the G1000 system

Q: What type of refrigerant is used?


Q: Are there any altitude restrictions?

It is good to go all the way to the aircraft service ceiling

Q: What kind of preventative maintenance is there?

None except standard checks during 100 hour inspections such as belt tension checks, R-134a levels, check system for proper installation and secutiry of electrical wiring

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