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STC Certified All-Electric Air Conditioning

STC’d for the following aircraft:

For almost 20 years Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems (KATS) has provided an aftermarket all-electric aircraft air conditioning system while also being the OEM Air Conditioning supplier for Cessna, Piper, Tecnam, Mooney and other aircraft manufacturers.

·        Ground pre-cooling with GPU

·        Zero taxi, take off, in-flight or landing restrictions

·        Brushless, hermetically sealed compressor

·        Brushless condenser and evaporator blower motors

·        Easy to read “set and forget”  A/C controller

·        55-65 lbs installed (depending on aircraft)

·        15-20 degree F.+ drop within 5 minutes (depending on aircraft)

·        Installation Time 5-7 days (depending on aircraft)

Using lightweight, hermetically sealed brushless DC compressors with easy to use digital thermometer and fan controls, KATS provides a one-stop, one-time install air conditioning solution that cools while connected to a ground GPU  – cools during taxiing, cools during take-off, and cools during landing with zero flight restrictions.

pilots, APs, and IAs

accurate & up-to-date documentation

The KATS’ team provides a wide range of technical data, service instructions, and installation drawings to ensure maintenance and engineering personnel have up-to-date access to all pertinent technical documentation for our THERMACOOL AC systems and Dual Alternator Back-Up products.

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